Who’s Who: Horse Edition

Sir Æon de Quincewold

Sir Æon de Quincewold, Quincy for friends, formerly Educado LXVI was born on 17/05/2008.
He stands at 168cm/16.2hh.He is a Pura Raza Española (PRE) and is a gelding. He was gelded at the start of 2019 and I froze his sperm to have the possibility to breed him one day. I bought him on November 7th, and he arrived in Ghent, Belgium, from Málaga, Spain, on the 22nd of November 2018.

Quincy is a gentle giant, he is easily overwhelmed with his own emotions. Adding in my own emotions on top of his sometimes results in a little explosion. We are working through this and are learning to better understand and communicate with each other.

Altaïr al Tohl

Altaïr al Tohl, is a 2016 show-bred Arabian.
He is a rescue from The Old Horses Lodge (http://www.tohl.be), an organization based in Laarne. They started out as a sanctuary for old horses, but in the last years has developed into a rescue for neglected horses as well.
This is where I encountered this petite Arabian beauty. He was four years old and had not done any work yet, just the very basics of groundwork.
I couldn’t leave him there, and was at home with us the following week. He has integrated well into the herd and is a tiny but annoying little brother to Quincy. We met on the 14th of July 2020 and on the 20th of July he arrived home.

Ibn Request el Nahir

Ibn Request el Nahir, is Xavier Baecke’s main riding horse.
He was born on 20/05/2008, Ibn is an Arabian, a cross between Egyptian and Polish lines. Ibn was started by Xavier with the guidance of an instructor in Buckaroo riding methods. Ibn was then further educated and trained by Xavier, helping him develop his own training and riding methods. They grew together and helped each other learn.
Now Ibn is used in riding lessons for others, is helping form Xavier’s own children in riding, in jousting events and as a bomb proof and well rounded trail horse.


And Last but NOT Least, there is Virtus. Virtus was born on 06/07/2014 and is an Ibero-Friesian, also known as Warlanders. He has the fire and hind-end of a PRE and the neck and grace of a Friesian. He also thinks he is more dog than horse.
Virtus has been with Xavier and Ibn since he was 6months old and is inseparable from Ibn. Virtus has been trained from start to end by Xavier and is an absolute love bug. He is a very playful dude and loves playing with Altaïr.